Recovery of VAT on expenses in homeowners’ associations

Deduct VAT from your homeowner association fees

Obtain a new source of liquidity from your properties

A significant part of the properties owned by companies are part of homeowner associations. These homeowner associations cannot deduct VAT on their maintenance and service costs, as they are considered final consumers. However, business owners and other professionals can benefit from the deduction of the tax on the proportional part of their participation (%) in these associations assisted by 60dias.

premises managed
association invoices processed monthly
VAT recovery success rate

Benefits of recovering VAT on expenses in your association

Retroactive nature

We recover not only current and future VAT, but also the past. The tax framework allows you to deduct VAT for the last 4 years if not expired yet, so initially you get a very significant cash injection almost immediately.

Hands Free Service

Our team takes over the entire management and you will receive the invoices in an upload file adapted to your ERP on a regular basis (monthly/quarterly).


Obtain a steady source of liquidity for homeowner association expenses and reduce the impact of unforeseen and out of the ordinary expenses.


Who can benefit from this service?