Digital archiving

Digitize and archive your documents

Specialists in the digitization of documents

We are a centre specialised in the industrial digital archiving of documents. Our proposal is to transform all the paper generated by the administration of a company into digital files that do not take up space and can be organised and indexed electronically for later use.

documents processed monthly on average
simplified invoices processed to date
documents digitised in our offices per week

Benefits of digital archiving

100% personalised

Every company is different, so we adapt to the organisational requirements of each client, generating personalised files according to their needs.

Your documents are always available

With our digital archive, you will be able to view and download your documents anywhere, quickly and without difficulty, and several users will be able to consult the same file simultaneously.

Forget about paper

Eliminate the risk of loss and deterioration of your documents while freeing up space in your offices and saving on storage costs.

Keep your files safe

Keep your documents safe from catastrophes and unforeseen events with a server backup for all images in high resolution.